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About kidPsychJA

Here at kidPsychJA we want to make psychological tools for success accessible to students and families. There are great strategies out there that have been well researched and effective that can help with everyday problems our students are facing.

The site is owned and supervised by Dr. Shauna Miller - a licensed psychologist in Jamaica and Florida and a (US) Nationally Certified School Psychologist. School psychologists blend being a child psychologist with understanding the school setting and work with children and parents on addressing learning, behavioural and emotional needs.  

This site focuses on getting more information into more hands. The profile assessments can give you information on a specific area to help make changes. Short term classes are offered to build skills. Intervention kits are available to make it easier to build change. 

There are solutions out there for the problems we're facing. Let's work together and get change happening!

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