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Student Profile Assessments

Get A Deeper Look At What Makes You Unique

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Career Profile Ages 15+

Wondering what career might suit you best? Looking for direction on what to study? A career profile is a 15 page report that gives a detailed summary of your compatibility in 6 broad areas and with 25 basic career option and analyses how your responses match with hundreds of career options. Cost: $7000

Social Emotional Profile Ages 12+

Often the key to success in life is not just being smart. Highly successful people know how important "soft skills" are - the ability to set goals, make decisions, persevere, work well with others and understand our own emotions. The Social Emotional Profile 

  • gives an overview of your self-awareness, self-management, social and relationship skills

  • screens for possible areas of concern including anger, test anxiety, social stress, depression and others.

  • provides a detailed report with tailored recommendations and feedback with a trained professional

Cost: $15,000


Task and Study Skills Profile
Ages 13+

Get an overview of your skills in task organization and completion, learning new material, taking notes, studying, time management, reading, writing and test-taking. Get a summary of potential concerns in motivation, concentration and test anxiety. Based on your results you will receive recommendations on areas that may need improvement. Cost $10,000

Profile Assessments are completed via questionnaires over the internet and require a valid email address

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